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Mr. Daniel Davies

Teaches ICT to S3 and S4

Teaches ITGS to DP1

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china flag Mr. Ryan Guo

Teaches ICT to S1M, S2R

Teaches ICT to S3 and S4

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BURRA Satish 

 Mr. Paul Satish

Teaches ICT to S1L, S1R, S1S, S2L, S2M, S2S

Teaches ICT to S3

Teaches ITGS to DP2

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The secondary 1 students do three major projects each year. The first project is on Microsoft Excel where students will learn how to create data models. They will also use excel to calculate simple equations, perform basic logic programming and graph their results and finding.


Mission Maker

The second project our students complete is learning MissionMaker. MissionMaker lets students rapidly create visually 3D rich worlds for first-person 'Missions' - complete with sets, animated characters, dialogue and music. Students can:


  • select elements from an extensive object library to create a unique game world
  • create and animate 3D characters
  • import their own music, graphics and video
  • set rules for game play


Green Awareness Video

The third project our students create is a Green Awareness Video. Here they will utilize their multimedia skills by creating a 2-minute video presentation that highlights an environmental concern in our community. They will how to take an idea put it onto a storyboard and then work as a group to create an informative video presentation.


Flag Raising Keynote

Our secondary 2 students start the year with a competition to replace the school’s flag raising presentation that is played before the school each morning. Students create an animated version of the Singaporean National Anthem, the national pledge and the school song. They will use applications like photoshop, keynote and iphoto to achieve stunning effects.


Cyber Wellness Video

The next project the students complete is a Cyber Wellness Video. Students are educated how to be good cyber citizens and about cyber safety. They are then required to create a 2-minute video that will be screened to all SIS students. Staff and students vote online for their favourite video. Students learn a number of multimedia skills and how to capture and edit video.

Sensory Map of Hong Kong

In collaboration with the English department, our students create a Sensory Map of Hong Kong. Students are put into groups and they go to a neighbourhood in Hong Kong to use their sensory description skills to give a guide to their area. Each student described what they see, hear, smell, taste and touch and create a webpage for each.


Students follow the Cambridge IGCSE ICT (Information & Communication Technology) syllabus. The main sections of the syllabus include:

  • Types and components of computer systems
  • Input and output devices
  • Storage devices and media
  • Computer networks
  • Data types
  • The effects of using ICT
  • The ways in which ICT is used
  • Systems analysis and design
  • Communication
  • Document production
  • Data manipulation
  • Integration
  • Output data
  • Data analysis
  • Website authoring
  • Presentation authoring

This innovative course lies within Group 3 which examines individuals and societies. The ITGS framework is modelled on a ‘triangle’.  It uses an integrated approach, encouraging students to make informed judgements and decisions about the role of information and communication technologies in contemporary society.

Parental Help Videos


This video gives a brief description of how parents can access Studywiz, our online learning environment. Each parent has their own log in and password. 

paretnal control

This video gives a demonstration of how to setup the parental controls on a MacBook. It is some thing that we recommend EVERY parent does before they give a MacBook to a student. If you need any additional assistance, please contact Mr. Declan Burke.