Fees Structure

The following payments should be made at the time of registration. Enrolment becomes final only after settlement of the following payments.


A non-refundable application fee of HK$2,200*.

Please note that once an application has been successfully submitted, it cannot be deferred to another academic year and all fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.

*Application Fee: With the approval from Education Bureau, the Application Fee of HK$2,200 is determined on a cost-recovery basis and the user-pay principle applies. The application fee includes admission assessment, interview with candidates, discussion with parents and school tour, if requested.


2. ENTRANCE FEE (One-Time Payment)

A student on Personal Debenture has to pay an Entrance Fee of HK$13,000.



Each debenture is valid for the enrolment of one student only.

Personal Debenture HK$200,000
Personal Debenture
(for students with a Singapore passport)
Corporate HK$500,000

Corporate Debenture
The Corporate Debenture is valid for eight (8) years. During this period, the registered debenture holder is entitled to appoint one nominee at a time, subject to the terms and conditions of the Corporate Debenture.

Parent should inform the school immediately when parent ceases to be an employee of the sponsoring company.

Personal Debenture
The Personal Debenture is redeemable six (6) months after the student leaves the school. During the period between the student's departure from the school and the due date for redemption of the debenture, the "vacant" Personal Debenture can be transferred to a sibling of the student.



Personal Debenture Holders HK$10,000
(annual payment)
Corporate Debenture Holders HK$80,000
(one-time payment)



Section (before subsidy)
Preparatory Years HK$77,248
Primary Section HK$122,000
Secondary Section HK$153,000
IB Diploma Programme - DP1-2 HK$185,000

 *As approved by Education Bureau, HKSAR Government


a) Students in the Primary, Secondary and IBDP levels who are Singapore citizens (SC) will have a fee subsidy of HK$16,100 per annum, which is subject to change.

b) The above payments do not include payment for uniform, school bus, lunch, snacks, school books, stationery and other special co-curricular activities.

c) Tuition fee settlement is compulsory by autopay arrangement.


6. All cheques should be crossed and made payable to "THE SINGAPORE INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL FOUNDATION LIMITED"



a) School fees are payable on a quarterly basis. Payment schedule is also listed in the Parents' Handbook and Student Diary.

Due Date for Payment for School Fees
School Term 2018/19
Term 1 23 July 2018
Term 2 2 November 2018
Term 3 25 January 2019
Term 4 12 April 2019

b) All school fees which are in arrears for seven (7) days after the due date will incur an interest at the rate of 8% per annum, commencing seven (7) days after the due date until full payment is settled. In addition, an administrative fee of HK$200 will be levied. 

c) Should the school fees be in arrears for more than three (3) months, the student concerned will be required to leave the school. 

d) No school report will be given if a student whose school fees or other payments remain unpaid. The outstanding sum will be deducted from the debenture.



a) An advanced written notification (a minimum of 90 days excluding the summer holidays) must be given, specifying the student's effective date of withdrawal from school. 

b) Failure to comply with 7(a) will incur a levy based on a pro-rata of the shortfall in the required number of days for withdrawal notification. The school fee to be paid will be pro-rated as: 

Shortfall in the required no. of days for notification x school fee per term (for the level that the student is at or will be at for the next academic year if withdrawal is at the end of an academic level) / 70 days

 c) The withdrawal notification will be deemed as final and irrevocable upon the school's acknowledgement of it.