IB Diploma Programme Graduation Ceremony (DP2)

The 7th SISHK IB Diploma Programme Awards and Graduation Ceremony will be held on Friday 21 June 2019 at 1.00 pm at the Lim Kai Auditorium, 7/F, SISHK Secondary School Campus.

Please note that the Lim Kai Auditorium doors will only be open at 12.30pm. Guests who arrive early can enjoy some light refreshments in Room 701 from 11:30 am onwards. We request all guests to be seated by 12.50pm.

DP2 award recipients and all DP2 graduates will be ascending the stage with their graduation gown attire.

All parents of the awardees will receive an e-invite to attend the ceremony by the middle of June. Parents can indicate their attendance through an online registration on or before 17 June 2019.

A brief outline of the programme on the day is provided below.

Reporting Time Programme Outline Venue
9.30 am to 10.00 am Taking of individual graduation photography shots. The student will put on the graduation gown for fitting in Room 707. After the fitting, the student can walk over to Room 706 for the photo taking.

Room 707 Fitting Room

Room 706 Photo taking

9.30 am to 12.00 pm Final Rehearsal 7/F Lim Kai Auditorium
12.00 pm  to 12.45 pm Lunch
12.45 pm to 1.00 pm Final preparation Room 707
1.00 pm to 3.00 pm SISHK IB Diploma Programme Awards and Graduation Ceremony  7/F Lim Kai Auditorium
3.00 pm to 4.00 pm

Reception for DP2 graduates, DP1 Prize recipients and guests

Note: Professional photo-taking services are available for engagement at the canteen.

4/F canteen

Room 401


Our DP2 graduates are expected to dress appropriately and formally for the graduation ceremony. Their attire must follow the SISHK Diploma students dress code.

The recommended attire for the event for our students is

Boys: Executive long-sleeve shirt with front button (for fastening the hood string), tie long pants, and dark coloured smart shoes

Executive blouse/shirts with front button (for fastening the hood string), skirts, and dark coloured smart shoes


Formal dress, and dark coloured smart shoes


Date and Time Details Who is involved?
From now until 17 June 2019 Attendance registration for ceremony via the school portal SIS Connect Parents of DP1 awardees
17 June (Mon)

8:30 am – 9:00 am

Technical rehearsal @ 7/F Lim Kai Auditorium

DP2 performers, AV Team, MC

9:00 am – 12:00 noon

First rehearsal @7/F Lim Kai Auditorium

 All DP2s, AV Team, MC
18 June (Tue) Collect of graduation gown All DP2s
19 June (Wed)

11.00am to 1.00pm    

Second rehearsal @ 7/F Lim Kai Auditorium

All DP2s, All student helpers
21 June (Fri)

8.30am – 3 pm

Photography @ 6/F Seminar room

Final rehearsal @ 7/F Lim Kai Auditorium

Lunch time

Graduation ceremony @ 7/F Lim Kai Auditorium

All DP2s, All student helpers
22 June (Sat) Gown return All DP2s


The school has arranged with Victoria Uniform for our students to collect their graduation gowns at the Sheung Wan outlet. Please take note of the following information:

  1. The school has paid for 5 days of rental from 18 June to 22 June 2018.  The graduation gown can be collected from the morning of 18 June 2018 onwards.
  2. Please ensure that the gown is in good condition during the rental period and it is expected that the gown is to be returned by 22 June.
  3. Students will be charged a fee for damaged and/or soiled gowns.
  4. Students who wish to rent the gown for a longer duration would be responsible for the rental difference. They can top up the difference and pay Victoria Uniform directly.

Gown collection, return, and payment procedure


Step 1 – Collect your “Academic Gown Rental Letter” from Mr Leon Lei during first rehearsal. This ticket has a school stamp, showing that the school will pay for the 5-day rental period. (Without this ticket, you will be responsible for the 5-day rental fee.)

Step 2 – See online rental 2019 for a step-by-step instruction to order graduation gown.

Step 3 – Print two copies of the academic regalia rental form once you finished Step 2.

Step 4 – Go to the Sheung Wan outlet for gown measurement. You need to bring along with you 1) the ticket with the school stamp; 2) two copies of rental forms; and 3) $700 cash for deposit.

Step 5 – Make sure you pick up the gown on 18 June.


For questions regarding the graduation gown, please contact Mr Lei Leon.

Victoria Uniform address and opening hour

Sheung Wan Outlet

8/F, Bonham Centre, 79-85 Bonham Strand, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong.

(Near the Sheung Wan MTR Station Exit A2)

Tel : 2815 2673

Fax : 2542 1622

Business Hour : Monday – Sunday 10:45 -19:00
(Close in Labour holiday & Sunday off from Jan to Mar, May to June)