Education Career Guidance

The SISHK University Counselling (UC), and Education and Career Guidance (ECG) aim to support and guide our students to build knowledge, nurture skills and develop the mindset for lifelong learning, as well as to help them make well-informed decisions about their future higher education and career aspirations in the following ways:

Personal Guidance

  • Diploma Programme Mentors and University Counsellors
  • Bridge-U University Guidance Platform
  • Mock interviews by teachers and school leaders

DP Cohort-Wide

  • University information seminars for Parents (UK, US)
  • SISHK Work Attachment and Internship Programme
  • Annual Higher Education Fair
  • Post-examinations University Counselling Day

 School-wide ECG

  • Structured and comprehensive ECG lessons as part of Pastoral Care lessons (from P5 to DP2) to create greater awareness of self and opportunities for higher future learning
  • University Connections Seminars for Parents
  • ECG Resource Corner in the Library
  • Annual Higher Education Fair
  • Assembly Talks and Tea Dialogue Sessions with Guest Speakers (Careers)

The University Counselling team, together with Form Teachers and Diploma Programme Mentors, provide guidance and organise activities for our students as part of the Education and Career Guidance Programme. Find out more about the services and activities offers by the University Counselling team and also the university destinations of our graduates on the University Counselling webpages!

First Year Diploma Programme (DP) students are encouraged to participate in the work attachment and internship programme at the end of the first year of their diploma programme.

Through the internship programme, the students are able to gain insights into the industry sectors and the characteristics of the work that they intend to pursue after university. This will enable them to connect their learning in the classroom with the internship experience. In addition, students can further use the internship programme to hone their communication, team-work and problem-solving skills.

The school provides a formal structure and support by connecting our students with companies offering work placements. In addition, the UC team works with the students to learn the lifelong skills like the writing of a CV, cover letter and interview techniques when applying for internships. The industry sectors which our students have taken internships with, are wide-ranging. Some of the companies and organisations where our students have served internships include hotels, law firms, media providers, freighting companies, financial companies, hospitals and healthcare providers. Our work attachment partners also offer opportunities to SISHK alumni who are looking for an internship during their university vacation or after they graduate from their internships.

If you would like to know more about the Work Attachment and Internship Programme for our students or offer an internship to our students, please contact Mr Anthony Fryer, Subject Head / Partnership and Career Guidance.

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