Singapore International School (Hong Kong) is a unique school outside Singapore that is guided closely by the Singapore education philosophy. The school is the only Singaporean overseas school recognised and supported by Singapore’s MOE.

Established in September 1991, SISHK offers a rigorous bilingual curriculum. Our school culture and environment is enhanced by the diverse mix of students and dedicated teachers who come from different cultures and bring with them different experiences and talents. SISHK fosters a spirit of innovation and experimentation which aims to bring out the best in every student. Our emphasis on teaching and learning beyond the classroom and co-curricular activities such as educational tours and camps allows every student to grow into a confident, well-rounded individual who is keen to meet life’s challenges and is prepared for global citizenship.

The Admissions Team at SISHK conducts regular campus tours during the school term. Due to the COVID-19 situation, we organise webinars and virtual tours of the school instead of physical campus tours as a social distancing measure.

Starting from Academic Year 2020/21, new students joining the school will be required to either use the school bus service or public transport when travelling to or from school. For more information on SISHK’s School Bus and Public Transport Policy, please click here.

If you should have any questions, our Admissions Team will be most happy to answer any queries you may have. Please email us at or call our Admissions hotline at (852) 2870 6880 if you wish to speak to a member of the Admissions Team.

The Singapore International School Foundation (SISF) Ng Teng Fong Merit Scholarship is a full scholarship which gives students who are currently studying in Hong Kong local schools the opportunity to benefit from the bilingual education experience and personal development emphasis that SISHK is known for. Find out more here.

Find out how our school fees, school charges and debentures are structured here

SISHK follows the Singapore curriculum which may differ from other curriculums. Under the Singapore curriculum, a student undergoes 14 years of education with 2 years of preparatory classes, 6 years of primary schooling, 2 years in lower secondary, 2 years in upper secondary to undertake the Cambridge International Examinations’ IGCSE before completing 2 years of a pre-university course, the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP).

SISHK Grade LevelACADEMIC YEAR 2023/24
(Year of Birth)
(Year of Birth)
(Year of Birth)
Preparatory Year 1 (PY1)201920202021
Preparatory Year 2 (PY2)201820192020
Primary 1201720182019
Primary 2201620172018
Primary 3201520162017
Primary 4201420152016
Primary 5201320142015
Primary 6201220132014
Secondary 1201120122013
Secondary 2201020112012
Secondary 3200920102011
Secondary 4200820092010
IBDP 1200720082009
IBDP 2200620072008
Please click here to compare the grade levels between SISHK and other education systems.