At SISHK, we aim to equip our students with strong language competencies in both English and Chinese (Putonghua). While the main medium of instruction is English, our bilingual policy gives our students a competitive edge and access to Chinese culture with a global outlook, connecting with people of different backgrounds.

English and Chinese (Putonghua) are both taught as first languages while English is the language of instruction in most subjects and activities. The secondary section offers Chinese as a second language for students whose mother tongue is not Chinese. SISHK is one of the few schools in Hong Kong to teach Chinese using simplified script.

The Chinese programme at SISHK goes beyond developing language proficiency. Our students also learn about Chinese culture and philosophy which provides context for further appreciation and study of the Chinese language and culture.

Chinese education at SISHK develops students’ language proficiency, helping them to master standard Chinese in writing, to speak Putonghua fluently and properly, to appreciate the beauty of language and to develop an interest in language learning; to develop students’ higher-order thinking skills and improve the quality of their thinking. Through the study of Chinese culture and philosophy, our students develop skills such as communication, collaboration, creativity, problem solving, critical thinking and reflection, all which prepares them to face any future challenges in an increasingly competitive world.

We use the language arts approach in the teaching of English.  At the Preparatory Years and Primary Section, we believe that using stories to teach is the best way to get students interested in the subject. Our students learn the skills of listening, reading, speaking and writing in the process of being inspired by stories. We seek to promote clarity and precision of expression in students’ speaking and writing and are committed to providing a learning environment that cultivates critical thinking and critical literacy.

At the Secondary Section, our English Language and Literature curriculum prepares students to be proficient communicators in the forms of reading, writing, speaking, listening and viewing. Our students learn to be creative and critical thinkers, to critically respond to texts and to give their own personal interpretations and judgments. These are all skills needed for our increasingly global and technology-driven world and we consider they are best delivered through an integrated approach, teaching both language and literature together.