Welcome SISHK alumni!

All former students of SISHK who have completed one semester of study at SISHK are considered alumni of the school and members of SISHK Alumni Association (SISHKA) and we want our alumni to remain as part of the SISHK and stay connected with the school, your teachers and classmates.

We also encourage our alumni here and overseas to stay connected to the school and keep up with SISHK news from a distance. Alumni are encouraged to take part in school functions such as sports activities and annual events where possible.

As an alumni, there are many ways in which you can choose to support fellow SISHK alumni or students in the school. It could take the form of sharing your university experiences with students, mentoring a student, giving a career talk to our students, providing work experiences for students or informing fellow alumni about work opportunities in your company!

Simply join the school’s alumni mailing list to receive the latest in news and events about the school, make your voice heard or contribute to your alma mater in one way or another.

Our alumni are always a part of the SISHK family!