University Counselling

The University Counselling (UC) team, together with Form Teachers and Diploma Programme (DP) Mentors, provide guidance and organise activities for our students as part of the Education and Career Guidance Programme. The UC team emphasises three key themes and offers three levels of programming and support for students along their university search and application journey.

The UC curriculum is intentionally designed to develop the three key elements of the UC programme- Knowledge, Skills and Mindset – and ensure students are fully prepared to make informed decisions about their educational future. It includes 26 cohort-level workshops facilitated directly by the UC Team, annual 1:1 meetings with students, and a range of specialized small-group sessions that are differentiated for particular countries or subjects of interest. These are supplemented by a broad array of other resources, including university visits, fairs, parent seminars, and an online university guidance system.


Three themes

Knowledge – building awareness and understanding of career options, higher education pathways and individual universities to ensure students can make fully informed decisions about their futures

Skills – empowering students by developing a range of attributes such as self-awareness, independence, ownership, decision-making, and effective written and verbal communication

Mindset – promoting the belief that students have the ability to positively impact their future through active engagement, short and long-term planning, and a combination of aspirational, balanced and realistic thinking.


Three levels of support


Personal Guidance

  • Advice on subject combination choices for rising IBDP students
  • Support with university choices and applications
  • Tailored 1:1 drop-in sessions on academic roadmaps
  • Personal statement review and feedback sessions
  • Psychometric tests and career fit discussions
  • Customized mock interviews
  • Psychometric tests via Unifrog and career fit discussions


Group / Interest-based

  • University talks and taster lectures
  • Workshop for prospective medicine, dentistry and veterinary applicants
  • Seminars on university admission process worldwide
  • External talks and information days


Cohort and Schoolwide

  • Comprehensive university guidance curriculum throughout the IGCSE and IB Programme
  • Summer Internship Programme
  • SISHK’s annual Higher Education Fair
  • Alumni sharing and mentoring sessions
  • Comparison of university systems around the world