Singapore International School (Hong Kong) is known for our high quality holistic education, academic rigour and bilingual programme.

We pride ourselves on being a non-selective and inclusive school, many of our students have been with the school since their preparatory years. Our curriculum emphasises the development of an international outlook amongst our students, cultivation of sound values and character, and acquisition of 21st century skills and knowledge in a bilingual environment.

Our teachers apply the Understanding by Design framework to their teaching. Our students acquire their knowledge and skills by coming to an understanding of concepts and processes taught in their lessons and learn to apply and transfer this knowledge to new situations. This means students are guided to develop critical thinking skills from the beginning and they learn to apply their knowledge across different subjects and purposes. Critical thinking enables our students to reflect on their knowledge and make good judgements in their assignments and research; this is a core academic skill at university and an invaluable skill in the workplace.

The academic achievements of our students reflect the academic rigour of our curriculum. About 79.9% of the grades consistently achieved in the IGCSE examinations are As or A*s. The IB Diploma Programme has grown from strength to strength and our graduates have gone on to study at prestigious universities including University of Oxford, University of Cambridge, Duke University, Yale University, National University of Singapore and University of Hong Kong, to name a few.

– Average % of IGCSE distinction grades in 2022


– Average score of IB Diploma graduates in 2022

While our rigorous bilingual programme challenges our students academically, the curriculum is complemented by a vibrant co-curricular and extra-mural activity programme. Our students are encouraged to venture outside the classroom. Our students discover and expand their interests through a variety of visual arts, performing arts and sports programmes offered at different levels in SISHK.