Pedagogical and Assessment Tools

A wide variety of teaching strategies are used that encourage students to be actively engaged in their learning. These include:

  • Use of spiral and concrete-pictorial-abstract approaches in the teaching of Mathematics. A range of heuristics are also taught to help students solve challenging word problems
  • Book study for English language classes
  • Inquiry-based approach to enhance students’ understanding of science
  • Differentiated instruction
  • Experiential learning
  • Cooperative learning and group work
  • Use of e-learning portal
  • Use of ICT in individual and group project work


Different modes of assessment are used to evaluate students’ learning:

  • Traditional pen-and-paper tests
  • Project work
  • Practical tests
  • Performance tasks
  • Rubric assessment

The varied assessments ensure that the students attain process skills which are essential in the digital age. Students will also be provided with abundant opportunities to stretch their faculties and build on their strengths.