Inclement Weather Guidelines

Tropical Cyclones Warnings

Signal No 1Classes as usual for all levels 
Signal No 3

Preparatory Years

All classes cancelled


Primary and Secondary Levels

Classes as usual unless advised otherwise by Education Bureau

If the signal is replaced by signal No 1 before 10.30am, classes for PY1 will be conducted as usual.

However, PY2 classes will remain cancelled.

Signal Pre-No 8 and

Signal No 8 and above

All classes cancelled

If the signal is lowered after 5.30am., the school remains closed.

PY1 classes will remain cancelled if the signal is lowered after 10.30am.

If the signal is hoisted during school time, parents will be required to collect their child from school. School buses will be NOT be in operation.

Rainstorm Warnings

 Warning SignalActionRemarks
Amber Rainstorm WarningClasses as usual for all levelsClasses as usual. All sections will operate as usual unless the Education Bureau has made special announcement on closure of schools.
Red or Black Rainstorm Warnings  Warning is in force between 6.00am and 8.00am All classes cancelledClasses remain cancelled even if the signal is lowered. Students arriving at school will have learning activities before it is safe for them to return home.
Warning is in force between 8.00am and 3.00pm Classes as usual unless advised otherwise by Education BureauPY1 classes remain cancelled if the signal is lowered after 10.30am. School buses will be in operation. The school will liaise with the school bus company to ensure that road conditions are safe before allowing pupils to go home (please see points 4 and 5 below on dismissal arrangements).
  1. Please pay attention to radio or television announcements made by the Education Bureau during typhoons/rainstorms or visit the Hong Kong Observatory’s webpage on Weather Information for Schools.
  2. If Education Bureau announces the closure of schools after the start of school day, the school will activate the contingency plan to ensure that the school premises will be open and the School Inclement Weather Emergency Team will look after the pupils who are already in school or on their way to school. Safe and proper arrangement will be made for these pupils to return home at an appropriate time.
  3. Parents are advised to exercise their discretion in deciding whether or not to send their children to school at the time of inclement weather. Parents should keep their children at home if they consider that local weather, road, slope, traffic or transport conditions at that time are still not completely normal. In such circumstances, allowance will be given to the affected students for lateness or absence from school at their discretion on the day when inclement weather or flooding occurs.
  4. When Red Rainstorm Warning Signal is hoisted, normal pupil dismissal procedure will be applied. The School will ensure the road condition is safe before allowing pupils to go home.
  5. When Black Rainstorm Warning Signal is hoisted, pupils are not allowed to leave school for the sake of safety. They will be retained until the signal is cancelled or lowered. Parents should NOT rush to school to collect their children under dangerous conditions.