SISHK believes in the importance of a holistic education, one that provides academic rigour but does not neglect character development. Our aim is to nurture the whole child so that our students develop into well-adjusted, happy and confident individuals with leadership abilities, sound moral values, a charitable spirit and an appreciation for different cultures.

In the preparatory years and primary section, our Student Development Programme together with the Pastoral Care Programme, Life Skills subjects and Co-curricular Activities (CCA) are designed to instil sound values and develop skills for life and civic responsibility.

At the Secondary section, the Student Development programme enhances the quality of school experience for students, with greater emphasis on, and attention to, values education and students’ social emotional needs and development.

Pastoral care at SISHK creates a culture of care in the school and strengthens self and social awareness, and self-management in our students through pastoral care lessons, co-curricular activities, school-wide events and academic subjects.

For students’ well-being, individualised small group programmes to develop academic, social and emotional skills are available for students who require additional support. For students who wish to seek impartial advice about whatever is going on for them, the school counsellors are there to listen in a non-judgemental way and help students to focus on issues more clearly.