Performing Arts

The Performing Arts Department aims to cultivate an appreciation of aesthetics and to enable our students to gain a deeper and broader meaning in the form of arts production, arts criticism, arts history and aesthetics in each discipline and their inter-relationship.

At primary levels, the Performing Arts Department strives to develop all SISHK students with an informed and enduring understanding of music, dance and drama.

At the secondary section, students are encouraged to realise their potential in music critique and creative presentation and in the process build on their resilience, confidence and life-long enjoyment in the performing arts.

In lower secondary, students develop music literacy and competency in performing, composing and appreciation of both western and non-western music. For students who have an interest in the subject, they may choose to take music as an elective subject at IGCSE and diploma levels.

Students learns in an innovative and integrative approach to realise the benefits of holistic experience. They have the opportunity to take part and perform in: Family Fest, Speech, Drama, Music Dance and the Arts festival.

As the Drama department grows introducing now 6 new drama teachers this year, we see the inclusion of drama at Secondary level, and at school assemblies. Students are able to showcase their work on numerous platforms such through school performances and are exposed to outside theatre visits. We are excited to lead such innovative and aspiring students as they are the voice and leaders of the future.

Students who are participate in Dance CCA for Lower Primary & Upper Primary will have the opportunists to dance a piece choreography and train by Professional Dance artists. From Lower Primary to Upper Primary Dance CCA, students will explore two main different Dance style: Chinese Dance and Contemporary Dance. It is a platform for them to be train and develop a stronger dance skills and technique, as well as to be inspired and share their creative ideas through Dance. Students will be able to showcase their work on numerous platforms such as in school PTA Family Festival/Open house, Arts Festival, school assemblies’ performances, as well as participate in Hong Kong School Dance festival.

The three musical groups (Choir, Chinese Instrumental Ensemble and Chamber Ensemble) have been participating in school performances, such as Open House and Mid-Autumn Celebration, outside school performances and competitions. We hope that will be positive experiences for students as well as an opportunity to introduce different art forms through getting connected with various musical groups.