Ms Yoong, Pamela Principal

Prior to her posting to the Singapore International School (Hong Kong) in December 2022, Ms Pamela Yoong was the first Principal of Tampines Meridian Junior College after the merger of Tampines Junior College and Meridian Junior College in January 2019. This was preceded by her other appointments as Principal, first at Paya Lebar Methodist Girls’ School (Secondary) (2010-2014) followed by Tampines Junior College (2015-2018).

Pamela also held several other leadership appointments in the education sector before her principalship appointment. A teacher of General Paper, she subsequently became a Head of Department overseeing Student Development at Nanyang Junior College, Special Assistant to the Zonal Director at the Ministry of Education, Schools Division (Singapore) and Vice-Principal at two different secondary schools – Paya Lebar Methodist Girls’ School (Secondary) and Temasek Secondary School.

As an educator, Pamela believes that character and values must come first in the teaching of the young. She welcomes parental involvement and partnerships to enhance educational experiences for the students and strives to ensure all students leave with a value-added experience. As a leader, Pamela works on growing and developing the team, clarity in communications and celebrating every attempt.

Pamela was part of the Singapore Mission to the United Nations at the 63rd UN General Assembly in 2008. Pamela was also awarded scholarships to pursue her post-graduate studies. She completed a Master’s degree in Education (Character Education) at Boston University (2004-2005) under the Ministry of Education scholarship and a Master’s degree in Gerontology at the Singapore University of Social Sciences (2019-2020) with a scholarship given by the university. In 2022, Pamela was awarded the Singapore National Day Public Administration Medal (Silver).


Mr Ng, Bernard Vice-Principal (Preparatory Years and Primary)

Bernard Ng believes that every child is unique and the role as educators is to maximise their potential and help them achieve their aspirations. After graduating with a BA with Dip Ed from National Institute of Education/Nanyang Technological University in 2000, Bernard began his teaching career in Pasir Ris Primary School and he was appointed Subject Head of ICT in 2004. After attaining a Master in Education (Distinction) from University of Western Australia in 2006, he moved to Hong Kong to assume the role of Head of ICT Department at SISHK. He has been serving as the Vice Principal (PY & Primary) of SISHK since March 2012. In 2013, he was awarded the Singapore National Day Commendation Medal. In his leisure time, he enjoys going to the movies and doing exercises regularly.


Mr Kang, Vincent Vice-Principal (Secondary Education Programme)

Vincent Kang is a firm believer in holistic development focusing on all aspects of a student’s growth. He views character and cognitive development as fundamentals, and that students should be grounded in right values. It is also paramount to nurture future-ready learners, equipped with the dispositions, knowledge, and skills to be lifelong learners, enabling them to thrive in an increasingly complex world.

Vincent graduated with First Class Honours in English Language from National University of Singapore (Singapore) and obtained Post-Graduate Diploma in Education (Secondary) and Master of Education in English Language from National Institute of Education/ Nanyang Technological University (Singapore). He joined the teaching profession in 2003, was appointed Head of Department in 2007, and has served as a Vice-Principal since 2012. Vincent was awarded the Singapore National Day Commendation Medal in 2013.


Mr Soon, Alvin Vice-Principal (IB Diploma Programme)

Alvin Soon is currently one of the vice-principals of the secondary section and IB programme at the school where he joined as a Subject Head of Mathematics in 2014. He was a graduate of the University of Warwick after obtaining the Masters of Inter-disciplinary Mathematics and First Class Honours of Mathematics there. Under a government scholarship, he returned to Singapore to serve at the Ministry of Education in various positions and left to join the private education sector in 2011. In his spare time, he loves to read across a wide genres of books with a particular preference for philosophy and religious literature. He is married to a musician-teacher with two lovely children who are also studying at SISHK.

Staff-TAN, Eunice 2-

Ms Tan, Eunice Vice-Principal (Administration and Finance)

Prior to joining Singapore International School, Eunice worked in Canadian International School of Hong Kong as the Director of Business Administration. With a CPA qualification, Eunice began her career as a financial auditor in Malaysia, after gaining her Bachelor of Commerce degree, majoring in Accounting and Economics. Eunice moved to Hong Kong in 2000 and has served in various managerial and leadership roles in the areas of finance and accounting, business development, strategic management, brand and product marketing, corporate communications as well as client servicing in global financial institutions before entering the education sector. Originally from Malaysia, Eunice received her education in Malaysia, Canada and Australia.

Executive Director / Preparatory Years (PY)
Ms Tsang, Joanne
Head of Department / Chinese (PY)
Ms Siu, Kwan Ying Jane
Head of Department / English (PY)
Ms Thomson, Jacqueline
Head of Department / Character and Global Citizenship Education (Primary)
Ms Churchill, Natalia
Head of Department / Student Management (Primary)
Mr April, Patric
School Staff Developer
Ms Lin, Ho Mei
Head of Department / Aesthetics (Primary)
Ms Khoo, Glenda
Head of Department / English 1 (Primary)
Mr Cooper, David
Head of Department / English 2 (Primary)
Ms Cheung, Kartine
Head of Department / Mathematics 1 (Primary)
Ms Kho, Jasmine
Head of Department / Mathematics 2 (Primary)
Ms Tan, Celine
Head of Department / Chinese (Primary)
Ms Lam, Jin Lam
Head of Department / PE & CCA (Primary)
Mr Cheng, Albert
Head of Department / Science (Primary)
Ms Ong, Shir Ling
Head of Department / Innovation & Talent Development (Primary)
Ms Lam, Edwina
Head of Department / Student Well-being (Primary)
Ms Chao, Wei Ling
Subject Head / Learning Support (English) (Primary)
Ms Yu, Kelly
Subject Head / Science (Covering) (Primary)
Ms Ong, Ariana
Subject Head / Chinese (Primary)
Ms Chen, Hui
Subject Head / Curriculum & Assessment (Primary)
Ms Yeo, Hwee Khim
Subject Head / Student Leadership  (Primary)
Ms Gregory, Emma
Subject Head / Performing Arts (Primary)
Ms Chen, Bobbi
Subject Head / Visual Arts (Covering) (Primary)
Ms Ma, Alice
Subject Head / Technology Integration (Primary)
Mr Lai, Adam
Subject Head / English (PY)
Ms Chow, Melanie
Subject Head / Chinese (PY)
Ms Chan, Tan
Deputy Diploma Programme Coordinator

Head of Department / Mathematics (Secondary)

Ms Su, Angeline

Head of Department / English Language  (Secondary)

Ms Hill, Laura

Head of Department / Chinese Language (Secondary)

Dr Feng, Feifei

Head of Department / Humanities (Secondary)

Mr Tan, Ron

Head of Department / Science (Secondary)

Mrs Manna, Maumita

Director (Technology Integration)

Head of Department / ICT (Secondary)

Ms Yee, Serene

Head of Department / Character & Global Citizenship Education (Secondary)

Ms Brampy, Nattaporn

Head of Department / Admissions (Secondary)

Talent and Development, CAS Coordinator

Ms Tam, Amy

Head of Department / PE & CCA (Secondary)

Mr Wojewnik, Keith

Head of Department / Student Leadership (Secondary)

Mr Cheung, David

Subject Head / English (Secondary)

Mr Yuen, Dewei

Subject Head / Chinese Language (Secondary)

Ms Huang, Yinping

Subject Head / Chinese Language 2 (Secondary)
Ms Qin, Fan
Subject Head / Economics (Secondary)
Assistant CAS Coordinator
Mr Tan, Boon Sun
Subject Head / History (Secondary)

Mr Lim, Hong Jie

Subject Head / Music (Secondary)

Ms Lee, Irene

Subject Head / Visual Arts (Secondary)

Mr Toh, Danny

Subject Head / Physics (Secondary)

Mr Leong, Tze Kwang

Subject Head / Biology (Secondary) and EE Coordinator

Dr Tan, Alice

Subject Head / Theory of Knowledge (Secondary)

Ms Wong, Lucia

Subject Head / Student Well-being (Secondary)

Ms Lau, Connie

Subject Head / University Counselling (Secondary)

Ms Cheung, Helen

Year Head / Lower Secondary

Ms Kaur, Jasvir

Year Head / Upper Secondary

Ms Ang, Hwee Lin

Year Head / DP

Ms Lam, Mary-Julia

Preparatory Years Primary Secondary
Teacher Mentor (PY)

Ms Chan, Sharon

Senior Teacher / Science (Primary)

Mr Tan, Lester

Senior Teacher / English (Secondary)

Mr Cheong, Colin

Teacher / English (Primary)

Ms Chan, Angela

Senior Teacher / Mathematics (Secondary)

Mr Eng, Kai Seng

Senior Teacher / Chemistry (Secondary)

Mr Lo, Jebsen

Senior Teacher / Physics (Secondary)

Ms Lim, Ai Phing

Senior Teacher / Learning Support (Secondary)

Ms Huang, Pat

Primary Secondary
Learning & Behavioural Support Teacher (Primary)

Ms Leung, Josephine

School Counsellor and Coordinator (Secondary)

Ms Pal, Dona

School Counsellor (Primary)

Ms Jowharsha, Doreen

School Counsellor (Secondary)

Ms Panigrahi, Sudhasri

School Counsellor (Primary)

Ms Leung, Bonnie

Senior Learning Support Teacher (Secondary)

Ms Huang, Pat

Learning & Behavioural Support Teacher (Primary)

Ms Poon, Carol

Learning Support Teacher (Secondary)

Ms Au, Jocelyn

Learning & Behavioural Support Teacher (Primary)

Ms Lin, Caley

Learning Support Teacher (Secondary)

Ms Wang, Emily

Learning Support Teacher (Secondary)

Mr Chung, Kidd

Learning Support Teacher (Secondary)

Ms Ho, Edith

University Counsellor (Secondary)

Ms Lung, Anthea

Preparatory Years Teaching Staff

Class Form Teacher EL / CL Teacher Teacher Assistant
PY1A Ms Lam, Pricilla Ms Chan, Tan Ms Leung, Bethany
PY1G Ms Chan, Elaine Ms Chan, Valeria Ms Ng, Gian
PY1K Ms Chan, Sharon Ms Worsley, Emily Ms Ho, Emily
PY1O Ms Chui, Leanne Ms Siu, Jane Ms Young, Koma
PY1P Ms Chan, Elly Ms Yu, Rachel Ms Chung, Fanny
PY1S Ms Chow, Melanie Ms Yip, Chu Kwan Ms Cheng, Sonia
Class Form Teacher EL / CL Teacher Teacher Assistant
PY2A Ms Chan, Tan Ms Thomson, Jacqueline Ms Leung, Bethany
PY2G Ms Chan, Valeria Ms Chan, Elaine Ms Ng, Gian
PY2K Ms Worsley, Emily Ms Chan, Sharon Ms Ho, Emily
PY2O Ms Siu, Jane Ms Chui, Leanne Ms Young, Koma
PY2P Ms Yu, Rachel Ms Chan, Elly Ms Chung, Fanny
PY2S Ms Yip, Chu Kwan Ms Chow, Melanie Ms Cheng, Sonia

Primary Teaching Staff

P1 Year Head – Ms Whitehead, Amanda

Class Form Teacher Form Teacher Teacher Assistant
P1 Respect Ms Phillips, Sian Ms Lin, Ho Mei Ms Chow, Sharon
P1 Responsibility Ms Whitehead, Amanda Ms Yang, Jing Ms Mok, Erica
P1 Resilience Ms Duminy, Meika Ms Zhang, Chen Ms Yu, Cherry
P1 Integrity Ms Louw, Simone Ms Li, Simin Ms Lam, Yankei
P1 Care Ms Manglani, Dimple Ms Fan, Jing Ms Cheng, Stephanie
P1 Harmony Ms Fan, Pui Shan Ms Zhou, Xiao Ms Tam, Ever

P2 Year Head (Covering) – Mr Devitt, Liam

Class Form Teacher Form Teacher Teacher Assistant
P2 Respect Ms Chow, Jaclyn Ms Cheung, Sing Ms Yu, Omil
P2 Responsibility Mr Devitt, Liam Ms Huang, Amber Ms Lee, Rachel
P2 Resilience Ms Leung, Anthea Ms Chen, Bobbi Mr Poon, David
P2 Integrity Ms Chan, Angela Mr Cheng, Albert Ms Cho, Kiana
P2 Care Ms Ma, Alice Ms Cheung, Kartine Mr Lo, Edwin
P2 Harmony Ms Yu, Kelly Ms Wei, Christina Ms Zeng, Elle

P3 Year Head – Mr Lee, Casey

Class Form Teacher Form Teacher
P3 Respect Ms Tan, Celine Ms Tian, Jing
P3 Responsibility Ms Duncombe, Jennifer Mr Tan, Lester
P3 Resilience Mr Teo, Boon Teck Ms Lee, Joyce
P3 Integrity Ms Sam, Mei Yin Mr Lee, Casey
P3 Care Mr Brousseau, Patrick Ms Du, Xin Yue
P3 Harmony Ms Leon Landegger, Sabrina Ms Teo, Sharon

P4 Year Head – Ms Lee, Giok Hua

Class Form Teacher Form Teacher
P4 Respect Ms Keen, Victoria Mr Lai, Adam
P4 Responsibility Ms Lee, Giok Hua Ms Gregory, Emma
P4 Resilience Mr Rabago, Adam Ms Khoo, Glenda
P4 Integrity  Mr Leong, Marcus Ms Cheng, Janet
P4 Care Ms Lam, Eleanor Ms Louise, Matthews
P4 Harmony Ms Xhelilaj, Ornela Ms Xue, Zhou

P5 Year Head – Ms Cheng, Fiona

Class Form Teacher Form Teacher
P5 Respect Ms Yeo, Hwee Khim Ms Jin, Mengwen
P5 Responsibility Ms Austin, Saraswati Ms Tang, Qing Qing
P5 Resilience Mr Shum, Adrien Ms Lee, Pick Kian
P5 Integrity Ms Ong, Ariana Ms Xu, Wendy
P5 Care Ms Cheng, Fiona Ms Feng, Rui Ying
P5 Harmony Ms Chong, Viola Ms Tan, Eileen

P6 Year Head – Mr Hill, Jason

Class Form Teacher Form Teacher
P6 Respect Mr Hill, Jason Ms Liu, Chang
P6 Responsibility Mr Skhawat, Ali Ms Chen, Hui
P6 Resilience Ms Lam, Edwina Mr Lie, James
P6 Care Mr Lee, Dyon Ms Nakao, Michiko
P6 Harmony Ms Teo, Nancy Ms Sullivan, Kate

Secondary Teaching Staff

Lower Secondary Year Head – Ms Kaur, Jasvir

S1 Level Coordinator – Ms Ngan, Lee

Class Form Teacher Form Teacher
S1-1 Ms Foo, Su Lyn Mr Drew, Matthew
S1-2 Mr Green, Ricky Ms Tan, Shu Sze
S1-3 Ms Chan, Shaney Mr Ng, Chao Chia
S1-4 Ms Pau, Carol Mr Walker, Daryl
S1-5 Mr Lai, Jonathan Ms Tsang, Christy
S1-6 Mr Scrivener, Elliot Robert Ms Lam, Phoebe

Lower Secondary Year Head – Ms Kaur, Jasvir

Class Form Teacher Form Teacher Form Teacher
S2-1 Ms Lee, Irene Ms Yee, Serene Ms Liu, Yuxue
S2-2 Ms Or, Louisa Ms Pow, Li Ting Ms Monteiro, Meera
S2-3 Ms Lim, Kemmy Ms Fan, Qin Ms Park, Irene
S2-4 Ms Lau, Connie Ms Zhang, Yuqing
S2-5 Mr Satish, Paul Mr Chen, Samson Ms Kwok, Beryl

Upper Secondary Year Head – Ms Ang, Hwee Lin

S3 Level Coordinator – Ms Wong, Kay

Class Form Teacher Form Teacher
S3-1 Mr Eng, Kai Seng Ms Chan, Pamela
S3-2 Ms Lao, Zera Mr Rao, Chichula
S3-3 Mr Chan, Adrian Ms Tai, Kennis
S3-4 Ms Chung, Belle Mr Toh, Danny
S3-5 Mr Cheng, Charles Ms Huang, Yinping

Upper Secondary Year Head – Ms Ang, Hwee Lin

Class Form Teacher Form Teacher
S4-1 Ms Lim, Ai Phing Ms Chen, Yushin
S4-2 Mr Lim, Swee Tian Ms Kavitha, Suresh
S4-3 Mr Lim, Hong Jie Mr Choy, Kelvin
S4-4 Mr Lo, Jebsen Ms Chong, Gloria

Diploma Programme Teaching Staff

Vice-Principal (IBDP) and Diploma Programme Coordinator

Mr Soon, Alvin

Deputy Diploma Programme Coordinator

Ms Su, Angeline

Year Head

Ms Lam, Mary-Julia

TOK Coordinator

Ms Wong, Lucia

EE Coordinator

Dr Tan, Alice

CAS Coordinator

Ms Tam, Amy

Assistant CAS Coordinator

Mr Tan, Boon Sun

ATL Coordinator

Ms Chan, Shaney

Year Level Coordinator

Ms Youde, Rebecca

Dr Tan, Alice Ms Tam, Amy
Mr Cheung, David Mrs Manna, Mauimita
Ms Wong, Lucia Mr Cheong, Colin
Ms Teo, Vivian
Ms Hill, Laura Mr Tan, Ron
Ms Su, Angeline Mr Yuen, De Wei
Mr Leong, Tze Kwang Mr Tan, Boon Sun (CAS)
Dr Feng, Fei Fei

Support Services

Administration Manager: Ms. Janet Lai

Senior Campus Planning & Development Manager: Mrs. Lindsey Woolley

Campus Manager: Mr. Thomas Po

Maintenance Manager: Mr. Terry Wu

Senior Admissions & Corporate Communications Manager: Mr. Garlake Wong

Senior Human Resources Manager: Ms. Jasmine Cho

Preparatory, Primary and Secondary Section Library Manager: Ms. Yuleen Yen

Senior Admissions & Corporate Communications Manager: Mr. Garlake Wong