Uniquely Singapore-styled, our primary section offers a broad-based education, anchored in a rigorous bilingual programme designed to ensure our students’ holistic development, in and out of the classroom, and most importantly to develop critical life skills and sound moral values. Our distinctive features:

  • Strong emphasis on character formation and development, applying the principle of CARE (Consistent Achievements for Rewarding Education) for each child through assembly talks, the pastoral care programme, and the community involvement programme.
  • Systematic framework for developing student leadership, e.g. prefects, class monitors, Co-Curriculum Activities leaders; and
  • Immersion programmes for students including the Singapore Holiday Immersion Programme (SHIP) held annually during the summer holidays, and Taiwan Immersion Programme for P6 students.

The primary school builds on the foundation laid by our preparatory years programme. Our curriculum framework is based on the Singapore curriculum, adapted to HKSAR context, taking into consideration the different and varied background of our students.

Primary school curriculum framework

We focus on building a firm foundation in values, knowledge and skills so as to allow the child to understand his physical and social world, and be able to function in it and relate to others as part of a social group. Our curriculum framework encapsulates the following values and competencies which we have identified as important for the growth of each of our students:

  • School values – respect, responsibility, resilience, integrity, care and harmony
  • Social and emotional competencies – self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship management and responsible decision-making
  • Emerging competencies – critical and inventive thinking, information and communication skills, civic literacy, global awareness and cross cultural skills.

Our Primary curriculum focuses on three main aspects of education – subject disciplines, knowledge skills and character development.

  • Subject disciplines comprise subject areas such as languages, humanities and the arts, and mathematics and sciences
  • Knowledge skills focus on developing your child’s thinking and communication skills. They are taught through a variety of subjects using project-work approach.
  • Character development is facilitated through our pastoral care lessons and daily student-teacher interactions, as well as lessons focusing on life skills taught through Character and Citizenship education, Co-curricular Activities and Physical Education including swimming.

Besides developing in students a love for learning through instructional programme, enrichment activities such as level camps, overseas educational trips and home-stay programmes are organised to ensure that the students have a broad range of experiences and opportunities to develop their skills and demonstrate the values that they need for life.

Level School Hours Class Size
School hours for P1-P6 8:20am – 3:00pm 25-29 per class
After school co-curricular activities for P3-P6 3:05pm – 4:35pm Dependent on activity