Welcome to the SISHK community!

The PTA would like to take this opportunity to warmly invite you to join the SIS Parent Teacher Association (SIS-PTA), a voluntary and non-profit association formed by parents and school representatives. Our objectives are:

  • To promote a sense of community among teachers, parents and students
  • To provide a forum for parents and teachers to exchange views for the benefit of students
  • To encourage parents to participate in school programmes/activities
  • To make and receive donations and to assist in raising funds for school related purposes
  • To improve school related services such as school bus transportation, uniforms and lunch supervision

The PTA has been organising annual events such as Spring Fair and Thank You Teachers’ Dinner. We help to coordinate the Lunch Parent Programme and organize talks and activities for parents, students and teachers.

Joining the SIS-PTA will enable you to further understand SIS through various activities and build networks among parents. Members will enjoy preferential rates when joining the PTA Family Dental Plan.

To be part of the big family, please fill in the SIS-PTA Membership Application Form and return it to the school. If you have any concerns, please feel free to email SIS-PTA at pta@singapore.edu.hk.