English Language and Literature – Secondary

In English Language and Literature, the pursuit of excellence can be enjoyable. The pleasure of learning can manifest itself in various subtle and obvious ways. It is evident in the laughter of students in response to a text or during a light hearted classroom discussion. It can be seen in the focused expressions of those engrossed in unravelling a philosophical or moral dilemma presented in a story. It is displayed through spontaneous applause for classmates when they achieve success.

Our English Language and Literature classrooms are vibrant spaces. Students engage in a wide range of activities, including discussions, reflections, essay writing, group projects, annotation, presentations, brainstorming, reading, oral performances, and drama, among others. We strive to provide students with multiple opportunities to showcase their learning. This approach allows us to cater to diverse needs and interests throughout the year, fostering an environment that encourages critical thinking and creativity.

As the poet William Butler Yeats once remarked, “Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.” This philosophy guides our English classrooms. We understand that in the pursuit of excellence, there are numerous moments that ignite joy and curiosity. This is a direct result of fostering a dynamic learning environment and providing students with opportunities to learn collaboratively.

We also acknowledge that a passion for English Language and Literature extends beyond the confines of our classrooms. Our students appreciate the enriching experiences we offer through our extracurricular programmes, such as author talks, the Battle of the Books and Debate CCAs, as well as our Student Press journalism club and Creative Writing Club, which are student-led leadership groups.