English Language and Literature – Secondary

In English Language and Literature, striving for excellence can be fun. The joy of learning can be captured in many subtle and overt ways. It’s there in student laughter in response to a text or a humorous classroom discussion. It’s in the furrowed brows of the deeply concentrating as they attempt to unpack a philosophical or moral dilemma in a story. It’s in the spontaneous applause for classmates when success is realized.

Our English Language and Literature classrooms are dynamic places. Students undertake a range of activities, including discussions, reflections, essay drafting, group project work, annotation, presentations, brainstorming, reading, oral productions, drama – to name a few. We strive to offer students multiple ways to demonstrate their learning. This allows us to cater to all needs and interests over the year, providing a platform for thinking and creativity.

As poet William Butler Yeats remarked, “Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire” – and this is our English classroom philosophy. We recognize that in striving for excellence, there are many moments that spark joy and curiosity – a result of cultivating a dynamic learning environment and giving students the chance to learn with and from each other.

We also recognize that a love of English Language and Literature does not begin and end with our classroom practice. Our students are thankful for the joyful experiences we provide as part of our enrichment programmes, such a