Arthur Liu – Class of 2019, International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme

  • Co-President Community Council
  • Co-President Community Council
  • Co-founder and Captain of Cross Country co-curricular activity
  • Three time recipient of Best Delegate Award at Model United Nations Conferences in Hong Kong and Seoul

University Offer: Fordham University, USA

Having spent nearly every day of the past fourteen years of my life travelling the same school bus route to the same location, simply calling SISHK as a ‘school’ or ‘institution’ is a grave understatement to me. It is here that I learnt to tell North from South, West from East, left from right, and, most importantly, right from wrong.

Barring my very own parents, SISHK has been the single-most important factor in moulding me into who I am today. My educational journey was not one without its challenges, but with the help of SISHK’s ever-supportive teachers and the friends I made along the way, these challenges have simply became tales in a story, each with a unique lesson to learn from.

My twilight years at SISHK have been the hardest yet. Trudging my way through the prestigious International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme whilst being Co-President of the Community Council, and co-founding the Armchair Specialists and Cross Country CCA have been all but easy, and no version of my story would be remotely complete without me mentioning the numerous stress-filled days and sleep-deprived nights I experienced throughout. But alas, this is part and parcel of any journey to success, and also one of the greatest blessings I have received during my time at SISHK — never will I be able to make so many mistakes and learn so much about myself whilst receiving the unwavering support of my teachers and friends at any other stage in my life. In truth, it was during these moments of temporary pain and misery where friendships were formed and life-lessons were learnt, and I would happily relive every single one of these moments in a heartbeat.

Thank you, SISHK, for everything you have afforded me over the past fourteen years. The information you taught me could have been gathered at any other institution, but the knowledge you have imparted on me was one of a kind. No statistic, number, or metric can accurately quantify how much I have learnt over the past few years.

I am a proud product of SISHK.