Celine Lam – Class of 2019, International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme

  • Senior Advisor for Audiovisual Team
  • Student Advisor in Chinese Cultural Connection Club extra-curricular activities
  • Foot-drill instructor in the Auxilliary Medical Service Cadet Corps

University: Intends to apply to Australian universities

This is my fourth year at SISHK. To me, SISHK is a very close-knit community, it is not surprising to see students from different levels interacting. Teachers are more like friends; they are always there for us.

Indeed, SISHK is a relatively small school, but this allows better relationships between teachers and students, and I can genuinely say that all our subject teachers know us very well as a learner and how each of us learn best. This is what makes SISHK unique.

The IB programme is definitely a challenging one, as there are countless deadlines and endless tests throughout the two years. To overcome these challenges, I made sure I do not procrastinate (as much) and keep good track of my schedule. Of course, teachers are always there to help, and we can go to any of them whenever we need, be it mentally or academically.

Throughout my four years at SISHK, I was very fortunate to be able to take part in the student leadership programme. As the president of the Audio Visual Committee, I learned to be a better communicator and acknowledge all the hard work in planning an event. As an aspiring doctor, which is always considered as the leaders of the society, these experiences certainly prepare me for the future.

My advice to SISHK newcomers would be to speak up whenever you are in doubt, because everybody at SISHK are willing to guide you. I could still remember vividly how nervous I was four years ago, but after my first day, I knew that all my worries were completely unnecessary as everyone was extremely welcoming. So relax, and simply look forward to the wonderful journey at SISHK.