Doris Wong – Class of 2019, International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme

  • Recipient of 2019 South China Morning Post (SCMP) Student of the Year Award – Linguist
  • Finalist for 2019 SCMP Student of the Year Award Grand Prize
  • Recipient of SISF Ng Teng Fong Merit Scholarship
  • Best debater in 第三届凤凰杯香港中学生联校普通话辩论比赛

University Offer: Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong SAR

Being the fortunate recipient of the SISF Ng Teng Fong (NTF) Merit Scholarship, I joined SISHK at the beginning of DP1, albeit not knowing what to expect. Yet, I felt welcomed and at ease immediately upon arrival. The teachers here were amiable and ensured my smooth transition into the SISHK family, and even as time went on, they have helped me in terms of my academic and personal development. I owe a special thank you to Ms Joy Tan who has transcended her role as a DP mentor to be a perpetual pillar of support during my times of darkness. Ms Tan appreciates students for who they truly are, and never ceases to recognise their individual personalities, talents, and traits.

My greatest memories at SISHK, which include participating in Chinese debate and making close friends, were ones that I did not expect to have. I was offered a spot on the debate team by chance and gave little thought to it at the time; but the lessons I learnt and experiences I gained will stay with me for a lifetime. The friends I made have supported me through my ups and downs, and they are people whom I will treasure for the rest of my life.

If you ever consider joining SISHK, I implore you to follow your heart, be brave, and take the leap. Like all other challenges in life, you won’t know what you’ll gain from it; but your time here will definitely be rewarded!