Leo Wang – Class of 2019, International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme

  • Head of Executive Committee for Inter-school Chinese Debate Competitions
  • SISHK House Leader, Zubir Said House
  • SISHK Achievement Award

University Offer: Yale-NUS, Singapore

The International Baccalaureate (IB) at SISHK offers a wide range of opportunities for students in both academic and non-academic areas, enabling them to thrive to become more independent and resilient.

The caring teachers provide lots of help and assistance for students’ work as well as well-being, creating a unique learning environment. Students also have the chance to participate in many different activities to develop their leadership skills and interact with students across all year levels. The IB programme is special because it not only allows the students to get used to conducting research and writing research papers, but also helps them to develop many skills that will be very useful when they pursue their dreams in the future.

IB students must learn to cope with a lot of responsibilities and manage their time wisely. As an IB student at SISHK, these two years have been challenging and exhausting, yet meaningful and rewarding. The IB programme has become the most tiring, but most spectacular, part of my life. There were so many occasions when I felt overwhelmed by all the different tasks I had to complete and the difficulties I had to face. I tried my best to be passionate about everything I was doing and the passion that I instilled in my mind enabled me to overcome most of the challenges.

We always have to be passionate and committed to whatever we choose to do. In that way, we will be able to persevere through all the difficulties encountered and become more well-rounded individuals.