Lau Lok Nam – Class of 2019, International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme

  • Student Advisor in Chinese Cultural Connection Club extra-curricular activities
  • Active in Chinese public speaking and sports
  • Lighting and Sound Designer and Technician for school productions

University Offer: Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts (Lighting Design and Technology)

I can’t believe how my life as a teenager passes very fast, and I am a young adult now. From kindergarten to primary, to secondary, I’ve been in this school for 14 years. I’ve seen people come and go.

The teachers in SISHK are very caring and willing to develop a relationship with students. In secondary, when everyone hears the words “IB” everyone will get stressed. One fun fact about my IB programme was actually there will be no “fun”, because you will be studying and completing internal assessments every day, even during holidays and summer break.

Even though there was no “fun” in the IB programme, time becomes a very precious thing in your life as you will cherish your time with your families, relatives, friends and the free time you get during IB. After studying the IB programme, you will actually find yourself a different person from before, you will become more mature as a person, taking things as a young adult, not like a kid anymore.

Studying IB, of course, there will be many challenges, because…’s IB!! But firstly you will need to prepare physically and mentally to take on all the challenges during IB. The most challenging part of IB will be the number of hours you sleep. Sleeping has become your best friend because in IB you actually will not get more than 6 hours of sleep, but if you planned all of your work properly and on task, sleep should not be a major problem. Not only planning but support from family is also very critical, so talk to your family members more because, as always, your family is the backbone of everything. You can also talk to teachers as teachers are there to support you to achieve success and guide your way through your teenage life. 

A lot of people said that it is difficult studying in SISHK and need to do complete more homework compared to other international schools in Hong Kong. But SISHK is unique as the class size is smaller, which gives the students and teachers an opportunity to develop a good relationship. Like our cohort, almost everyone one of us have a good relationship with each other and with all the teachers that taught us. 

Studying in SISHK is not only about academics, it is also about how you will be trained to lead and organise events. During my time in SISHK, I’ve had given the opportunity to develop my interest in event management and stage production, especially stage lighting as I’ve first developed this interest in my church, which I wanted to use this ability to support the school’s Chinese drama and speech performances. The teachers are also very supportive and trust me to do the right things.

In SISHK, teachers are very supportive in developing your interest, but as long as you are willing to pursue it, the school will definitely give you a chance and support you in the pursuit of your dream.

Here, I would also like to honour all the teachers who taught me, and also guided me throughout my life journey; from a kid to a teenager and from a teenager to a young adult. 

Thank you very much for your guidance and your support!