Mathematics – Secondary

The Mathematics curriculum at SISHK is carefully designed to provide students with a comprehensive and rigorous education in the subject.

Beginning in the Preparatory Years and Primary Section, the curriculum aims to establish a strong foundation in Mathematics. Students are encouraged to apply their mathematical knowledge and skills in practical, real-life situations, fostering a deeper understanding of the subject and its relevance to everyday life. The curriculum also focuses on building students’ confidence and interest in Mathematics, nurturing a positive attitude towards the subject.

As students progress to the lower secondary level, the curriculum follows the Singapore curriculum, which is renowned for its high standards and effectiveness in developing mathematical proficiency. This preparation ensures that students are well-prepared for the study of Mathematics at higher levels, such as the IGCSE and Diploma.

At the IGCSE stage, students are enrolled in the Dual Mathematics program, which allows them to study both IGCSE Mathematics (0580) and Additional Mathematics (0606) concurrently. This program provides students with a broader and more in-depth understanding of Mathematics, preparing them for the IGCSE examinations.

For Diploma students, they have the option to choose between the Higher Level or Standard Level of Mathematics Analysis and Approaches (MAA). This choice allows students to tailor their mathematical studies to their interests and future career paths, ensuring a more personalized and fulfilling learning experience.

Overall, the Mathematics curriculum at SISHK not only focuses on academic excellence but also aims to develop students’ problem-solving skills and critical thinking abilities. It cultivates a passion for Mathematics and equips students with the necessary skills to apply their mathematical knowledge in practical situations, empowering them to succeed academically and in their future endeavors.