At SISHK, we believe in the importance of a holistic education to prepare our students for the real world. Our Character and Global Citizenship Education (CGCE) is a key co-curricular component that seeks to complement our academic curriculum where students are guided and nurtured into global citizens who are caring, open-minded, reflective and principled leaders who can confidently navigate the VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous) world of today.

Our Secondary CGCE curriculum is an extension of Primary’s CGCE curriculum to further strengthen our students’ character and global mindedness, at the same time, support their overall well-being. It aims to create a culture of care by strengthening both self and social awareness, self-management and relationship management of our students.

SISHK’s CGCE curriculum is integrated across various school experiences such as pastoral care (PC) lessons, student development programmes (e.g. leadership, camps etc), co-curricular activities (CCAs), school-wide events (e.g. assemblies, learning journeys etc), form teacher interaction and academic subjects. Interfacing with other student development programmes, the curriculum seeks to engage students in both the cognitive and affective domains through pastoral care lessons and experiential learning. This allows for a more effective acquisition of social-emotional competencies, life skills and sound moral values.

Our pastoral care lessons serve to provide students with cognitive understanding of various socio-emotional competencies, develop their moral reasoning and reflective thought process and engage them in the moral, emotional, intellectual and social domains of learning. At SISHK, pastoral care lessons are focused on the following domains and is constantly refreshed to ensure relevancy:

  • Values and Character Building
  • Socio-emotional Competencies
  • Sexuality Education
  • Cyber Wellness Education
  • Education and Career Guidance / University Counselling
  • Mental Health
  • Global Citizenship Education

The lessons are designed to be relevant, timely and age-appropriate with various modes of delivery to encourage continuous engagement, active discussions and reflection, building a strong teacher-student relationship and peer support relationship in the classrooms and wider community. With the evolving landscape, just-in-time lesson packages are also created to engage students on significant issues. The pastoral care lessons together with assemblies also seek to be a window to the world for our students where guests are invited to share their experiences with our students on various topics and issues.

The integrated approach of our CGCE curriculum aims to address our students’ development of values, character, socio-emotional well-being, skills and competencies acquisition in a holistic way that is coherent for our students and prepare them for the future.