Character & Global Citizenship Education – Primary

Character & Global Citizenship Education


Mindful Seeing

Cultural Day students learn the importance of appreciating
the people of different races and their cultural practices

Character & Global Citizenship Education (CGCE) is a key co-curricular experience and a core component of the school-based “Learn for Life” Curriculum in the Singapore International School (Hong Kong) (SISHK). In light of the changing demography, and ever-changing technologically-driven and globalised world, our school-based Primary CGCE curriculum aims to strengthen our students’ character and global citizenship development. It addresses the moral, emotional and social domains of learning in our student-centered values-driven holistic education.


Pastoral Care Lesson in Action

Student Choosing and Working on Optimism

For character development, we aim to inculcate 6 core values and cultivate 5 social-emotional competencies to help prepare our students’ learning for life — Character Education 6-5 approach. This provides a strong moral and social-emotional compass in our primary school students, always striving to “Do the Right Thing”. By doing so, we hope that our students can lead themselves to the fullest in becoming peer and team leaders. This initial development is intended to guide our students to progress further in the school’s student educational outcomes, IB Learner’s Profile and life.


Class Circle Time

Class Team Bonding Game

Our Primary CGCE curriculum is taught explicitly in an authentic setting across all levels from Primary 1 to 6. Teachers use the Engage-Explore-Reflect pedagogical approach to facilitate our students’ learning in the classroom. A dedicated Pastoral Care period is used on a weekly basis to allow our teachers to teach values and skills (Engage) so that our students will explore, discuss and internalise learning through guided instruction and group activities (Explore), and have joy in learning. Finally, our students demonstrate and apply the new learning in a values-based reflection (Reflect). We aim to have our students to apply L.O.V.E (Live Our Values Every Day).


During these lessons, explicit teaching of values and social and emotional skills aims to cover the holistic development needs of students in areas such as understanding self and others’ emotions and how to regulate oneself and learn how to manage relationships. Selected lessons also equip students with knowledge and skills to better understand and direct themselves in real-world contexts such as learning about sexuality and navigate cyberspaces responsibly. Discussions and reflections on selected global issues defined by UNESCO (Environment, Peace and Security, Climate Change and Poverty) enable students to grasp current realities in our global context so as to develop students’ civic consciousness, as well as learn social-emotional competencies and 21st Century skills such as civic literacy, cross cultural skills and global awareness.


Mindful Movement

Mindful Smelling

Showing Responsibility Clean Up