Student feature – students from the Class of 2021 share their experiences of studying at SISHK and IBDP.

Gordon Lai

President of the Community Council
Vice-President of the Community Council
International Certificate of Education (Distinction)
Brown University Book Award
Chief Scout’s Award
International Biology Olympiad (Honourable Mention)
International Junior Science Olympiad – 2nd Class Honour

Q. How long have you been studying at SISHK?
10 years

Q. What is your advice for students who want to join or are currently studying in the IBDP?
Make sure to choose subjects that you enjoy, but I encourage you all to step out of your comfort zone and try new things. For current students, you have to manage your time wisely; work hard at your studies but remember to enjoy your last two years of high school.

Q. What was the highlight of your IB journey at the school in the last two years?
There were many memorable moments in these two years, but I think the highlight was definitely the trip to Macau. Although we could not go for a CAS trip, the opportunity to go on one last trip with the friends I’ve made over the past 10 years was a valuable experience for me.

Q. What is your studying strategy?
I try to find the topics that I am not too solid on by doing past papers. Then, I specifically target these areas in my revision and continue doing past papers to test my understanding.

Q. What are some of the mistakes that you have made that you would not make again?
I could have started revision much earlier and made sure that my knowledge in the subjects was secure once it was taught before waiting until the exam period to revise and relearn.

Q. How did the teachers support you during the IB programme?
Despite the unique challenges posed by the global pandemic, our teachers did their best to provide online learning resources, facilitate home-based learning and support us through our journey.

Q. How would you describe the student life and student leadership opportunities in SISHK?
I think there are a lot of opportunities for student leadership here, and they really allowed us to enrich our learning experience especially in non-academic areas and develop our life skills. 

Q. Can you share more about your university admissions experience?
The UC team provided a lot of information and assistance to us throughout the two years of IB, helping us craft our personal statements, CVs and prepare for interviews. 

Q. What is the one thing that you will miss after leaving SISHK?
I will definitely miss the tight-knit community between students here.

Q. What are you planning to study after IB?
Medicine and Surgery.

Q. What is one part of the school that you would like to see preserved and not changed?
I think that the close and friendly relationship between teachers and students is something that I would definitely like to see preserved.

Q. Any last words of advice for your juniors?

Cherish the time you have now with your friends.

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