Our vision as a department is to build a community that gives all students the necessary Information Technology (IT) skills to both aid them in their future careers and to solve real world problems.


ICT students using a 3D  printer

Tools such as the internet, emails, spreadsheets, databases, presentations and word processing applications are paramount to the success of many companies. We therefore strive to ensure our students are IT literate and ready to utilise Information and Communication Technology (ICT) to succeed. The modern world also poses new and varied threats to our children and we believe that teaching our students how to identify them and stay safe online is of paramount importance. We also strive to develop students’ social awareness of the impacts of technology in their daily lives, and their ability to problem solve through the use of computational thinking and application softwares.

The study of technology also offers a rare opportunity for students to express and combine both their creativity and logical thinking. Throughout their journey at the Secondary section at Singapore International School (Hong Kong), students will learn to create both digital and physical artifacts throughout their technology-based lessons such as websites, phone applications, video and computer software using both the Java and Python programming languages. 

These projects often allow students to also develop their leadership, teamwork, management and organisational abilities. We encourage and guide our students to work with their peers to manage and plan their own projects from start to success. We promote a “design thinking” framework when creating products. This is where students initially research and explore existing product learning from industry standards. Students then create their own designs and gain valuable feedback before building their product. Finally, students conduct testing to ensure their work is suitable for its purpose, then make amendments after reflection and evaluation.

In addition to in-class academics, we also offer a range of extra curricular clubs and co-curricular activities such as Robotics and Computing. In these sessions, students are able to explore, create and use emerging technologies such as robots and 3D printers, as well as create their own smart systems using arduino microcontrollers and electronics.