Nam Long Shan Campus Extension

Music/Seminar Rooms (L1)

A special flexible space dedicated to the learning of music , this space can also be easily converted into seminar rooms. Compared to the existing facilities, this new space will provide more flexibility for music lessons, and for conducting seminars and workshops.

Learning Support Rooms (L3 and L5)

The addition of the Music/Seminar Rooms will enable the existing music and drama rooms to be converted to customised Learning Support Rooms. In AY1819, the school strengthened our support for students with learning challenges with the creation of customised learning support programmes for literacy, numeracy and special needs, etc. This ensures a more inclusive education to reach out to students who are struggling in their learning.

Multi-Purpose Room (Plaza)

Situated at the bookshop and the surrounding area at the Plaza, the Multi-Purpose Room would allow us to conduct workshops, seminars and events for the parents, alumni and members of the public. The room can be used for co-curricular and sporting activities such as wushu training and table-tennis. The room is equipped with sliding doors so it can be opened up as an extension to the Plaza or become an enclosed area for school activities on cold and wet weather days.

Lift (Plaza)

A second lift will be installed to serve the floors between the Plaza and the rooftop. This will support the movement of staff and students around the school.

Conference Rooms (Plaza)

The current General Office will be converted into a reception area and Conference Rooms. The Conference Rooms are designed to meet the increasing demand for flexible spaces for meetings and consultations between staff, students, parents and visitors.

Bookshop (P5) – Completed

The Bookshop is relocated to P5 with the addition of the Multi-Purpose Room. Parents will find it easier to access the bookshop in this new location which is situated away from the main learning areas of the school. This supports the safety and security efforts of the school as visitors to the bookshop would only need to go to P5.

Support Staff Office (L7)

A centralised office for support staff will be situated on the L7 rooftop which is currently not in use. Our support staff who are based in different locations on campus will greatly benefit by working together in the same office space.

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