Police School Road Campus Extension

University Counselling Room (Library) – Completed

The University Counselling team, together with Form Teachers and Diploma Programme Mentors, provide guidance and organise activities for our students as part of the Education and Career Guidance Programme. The University Counselling Room will provide a dedicated space for students and parents to consult and meet with the University Counsellors as they receive guidance and make decisions for the next stage of their lifelong learning journey.

Mini Lecture Theatre (Library) – Completed

The mezzanine in the Library is an under-used space which will be converted into a mini lecture theatre to serve as a meeting, seminar or discussion space for students. The addition of the Mini Lecture Theatre will also provide an additional venue for the school to implement a lecture system at the Upper Secondary and Diploma levels as the school prepares our students for the learning and lecture styles adopted by universities.

Multi-Purpose Space (Orientation Square)

Orientation Square will be converted into a flexible space with sliding doors. The space can remain open to the elements or be enclosed to create a function room for holding examinations. The Multi-Purpose Room can also be used for meetings with parents, school events, exhibition hall as well as sports training for co-curricular activities such as table-tennis.

Teaching & Learning Rooms (L3)

The corridor at L3 next to the car park will be extended into ceiling space over the Foyer to create additional learning and teaching rooms. The rooms will provide more options and venues when timetabling lessons for students.

Staff Room (L2 and L3)

To meet the learning needs of the student body and to offer more subject choices at Upper Secondary and Diploma levels, the number of staff has increased over the years and will continue to increase. To provide a conducive working environment for our staff, the current staff room will be re-laid out and the L2 corridor will be extended into the empty space over the foyer to create a new staff room

General Office

In reconfiguring the existing Staff Room, the General Office and reception area will be redesigned to provide a welcoming space for staff, students and visitors. A new nursing room for mothers with babies and the sick bay will also be located at the General Office.

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