Becoming An Alumni

The Singapore International School (Hong Kong) Alumni Association welcomes all former students who have completed one semester of study in SISHK as part of our alumni community. The Association’s purpose is to foster a lifelong connection between the School and its graduates by providing an avenue for alumni to connect with each other, developing global awareness of the School’s offerings, and offering a platform for mentorship to the existing SISHK students.

Whether you’re interested in sports, giving a lecture, mentoring a current student, coming back to SISHK for a reunion, or just getting together for a bite, we hope to hear from and discuss with you how we can best serve SISHK alumni and our alma mater.

Simply join the school’s alumni mailing list to receive the graduation cohort photo in digital format, the latest news and events about the school, make your voice heard or contribute to your alma mater in one way or another.

Our alumni are always a part of the SISHK family!