What should I do if I can’t log in to SIS connect?

Please email IT support for help if you cannot access SISConnect.


Will the graduates be presented with the IB diploma during the ceremony?

No. The SISHK school certificate will be presented during the ceremony. The IB diploma and transcript will be available for collection at a later date. An email will be sent out to inform all DP2 students when the IB certificate and result slips are available for collection. Typically, they arrive in end August.


How many seats can my family request for?

As the seats in the auditorium are limited, each graduate can reserve up to 2 guest seats during the event. If you need more than 2 seats, you can request for it when you register for the event online, the confirmation of this additional seating request will be made via email. If the awardee or graduating student need further guidance for handicapped guests or senior citizens attending the event, please send an email to Mr Vincent Chu.


What should I do if I want to amend my information, such as attendance, number of guests, and etc. after I have registered online?

You may log in to the online registration system to retrieve and amend your record on or before 17 June 2019. If you are unable to access your record, please email Mr Vincent Chu as soon as possible.


Can I request for parking on the day of the ceremony?

Due to limited parking space in our school campus, parents are advised to park their vehicles at the hourly parking facilities near the school.