Student feature – students from the Class of 2021 share their experiences of studying at SISHK and IBDP.

Jiang Leyi – Class of 2021, IBDP

Head of Broadcast
Vice-president of Muzé
President of Chinese Culture Club
Founder of Math CUBE
Best in Mathematics HL
Best in Physics HL
Best in Chemistry SL
AY2021 Talent Development Award.

Q. How long have you been studying at SISHK?
5 years. I joined the SISHK family in Sec 2.

Q. What is your advice for students who want to join or are currently studying in the IBDP?
IB can be tough from time to time, especially with all the school work and Internal assessments (IA) and Creativity, activity, service (CAS). But all of them are valuable experiences and prepare you for your future.

Q. What was the highlight of your IB journey at the school in the last two years?
I would say it is the experience of working on the Extended Essay. It was not an easy project, I changed my topic three times and finally settled on machine learning modelling. I enjoyed the research and learnt a lot during the process. I am able to construct a model which has a very high accuracy.

Q. What is your studying strategy?
I make comprehensive notes for every subject. I constantly update and refine them throughout the two years. While I work on my notes, I am essentially consolidating the knowledge in my mind. Moreover, when the final exams come, I have everything I need to know well organised in one document.

Q. What are some of the mistakes that you have made that you would not make again?
When I first started researching for my Science and Math IA as well as my Extended Essay (EE) I was so determined to find something interesting and special to research on. Then I often found myself in a very idealistic position. Most of the time, those special research topics are either not suitable for school lab, or too hard for a high school student. I would get disappointed by myself because my essays were not as good and fun as I imagined it to be. I should be more realistic and understand that I was only writing essays for IB, not for PhD.

Q. How did the teachers support you during the IB programme?
My subject teachers arrange one-on-one consultation for our IAs and EE. They answered my questions and gave me useful advice through my IB journey. They also provided great support and understanding during the difficult time of COVID pandemic. I am really grateful for having such amazing teachers.

Q. How would you describe the student life and student leadership opportunities in SISHK?
There are so many leadership opportunities in SISHK. As long as you are willing to take up a position, there will be a position that suits you. The various school councils allow students to experience different roles within a group – from organizing events to advertising, to finance. And there are always things that match one’s interest – from sports (Athletic Council) to music (Muzé) to fashion (Equinox). There are this whole range of different possibilities for SISHK students which I benefited so much from.

Q. Can you share more about your university admissions experience?
I applied early for UCAS. My preparation started in August and ran all the way into early November, alongside IAs, EE and other school work. There were three main things to prepare for: personal statement, admission test and interview. I met with the University Counselling (UC) team several times to edit my personal statement and I also had a mock interview. I found the help from UC super helpful. As for the admission test, I think it is important to start preparing during summer break. I spent a lot of time preparing and did every past paper I could possibly find. Although the admission period is very stressful it went quite smoothly and I am happy about the offers I received.

Q. What is the one thing that you will miss after leaving SISHK?
I will miss all the courage and support I get from teachers and friends. All the “加油” and “good luck” I heard from peers and teachers before exams are so heart-warming.

Q. What are you planning to study after IB?
I plan to study Mathematics and possibly Physics. I want to go into academia in the future and do research.

Q. What is one part of the school that you would like to see preserved and not changed?
The support to students with talent in leadership, STEM, Languages and Arts. I was supported by the school to start a math club and classical chinese club. We have received a lot of recognition and positive comments. The support I have got really encouraged me to work harder and kept me going.

Q. Any last words of advice for your juniors?
Enjoy the IB journey with your friends and teachers. Time flies faster than you think.

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