Student feature – students from the Class of 2021 share their experiences of studying at SISHK and IBDP.

Michelle Wong – Class of 2021, IBDP

Member of Muzé Committee

Talent Development Award (Visual Arts)

Q. How long have you been studying at SISHK?

Almost 4 years

Q. What is your advice for students who want to join or currently studying in the IBDP?

Try to study all your subjects consistently and simultaneously keep up with projects. Make good use of online and physical resources to help you with researching and studying.

Q. What was the highlight of your IB journey at the school in the last two years?

The highlight for me was creating my artworks for my Visual Arts coursework. I enjoyed refining the ideas for my artworks and learning how to express them clearly. The process pushed me to apply my knowledge of art theory in my artworks well and it was a great learning experience for me.

Q. What is your studying strategy?

I reviewed my notes, explained the content to myself and filled in the gaps in my understanding. During study periods, I reviewed topics I was weakest in first, then tested myself with past papers. 

Q. What are some of the mistakes that you have made that you would not make again?

I underestimated the amount of time it would take for me to complete long-term projects. As a result, I did not start them as early as I would have liked to and had to finish them in large chunks of time. I think I would have wanted to start those projects earlier to give me more time to fix unexpected issues. I would have also wanted to work on them more consistently so that it’s easier to handle different projects simultaneously.

Q. How did the teachers support you during the IB programme?
The teachers gave us useful advice on how to approach the IB coursework and helped us get the most out of the actual assessment. They encouraged us to persevere when we had to manage lots of different deadlines, including IB and university deadlines. For university applications, they also gave me honest feedback that helped me improve my portfolio and essays a lot, and helped me with getting into university.

Q. How would you describe the student life and student leadership opportunities in SISHK?
I think there’s a wide variety of leadership opportunities and the students are enthusiastic about being part of the committees. I think the events arranged by the committees enrich school life and can also make a meaningful impact outside of school.

Q. Can you share more about your university admissions experience?

I refined my required essays and portfolio many times. The teachers were patient with giving me feedback and they gave me helpful advice on what the University Counselling team were looking for (eg. certain skills).

Q. What is the one thing that you will miss after leaving SISHK?

Spending time with my friends in school

Q. What are you planning to study after IB?

Digital art and animation

Q. What is one part of the school that you would like to see preserved and not changed?

The enthusiasm during competitions and events

Q. Any last words of advice for your juniors?

Support and encourage each other and enjoy your time in school with friends and teachers.

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