Student feature – students from the Class of 2021 share their experiences of studying at SISHK and IBDP.

Kaitlin Khu – Class of 2021, IBDP

Q. How long have you been studying at SISHK?

I’ve been studying at SISHK since PY1 (around 14 years)

Q. What is your advice for students who want to join or currently studying in the IBDP?

It’s a worthwhile experience that teaches you various different lessons through failure and hardship. Provides valuable experiences to build oneself academically and holistically, such as organisation and planning of workload and being more responsible in regards to leadership tasks etc. In addition, it gives students a step up to prepare for university in terms of workload with the Internal assessment (IA)’s and Extended Essay (EE)’s. An advice I would give is to be diligent and consistent in your efforts throughout the two years.

Q. What was the highlight of your IB journey at the school in the last two years?

The home base learning period, although it was an unfortunate turn of events with the pandemic and us having to revert to virtual learning (virtual mentor meetings), it’s an experience that I would make the highlight of my IB journey, since it was so odd and unusual having test virtually but it also made us be able to quickly adapt and have us try to make light out of the situation.

Q. What is your studying strategy?

I do practise papers and highlight questions and topics that I have issues with, and write them down on a spreadsheet, then when revising I work on the highlighted topics. In addition, I organise the subjects and topics I want to complete that day in my planar, and it motivates me to want to check off the box.

Q. What are some of the mistakes that you have made that you would not make again?

Take more of the opportunities given to you, and not be discouraged by failures.

Q. How did the teachers support you during the IB programme?

Many were always eager to provide consultations and willing to teach you 1 on 1 based on your specific pace. I received a lot of support especially during the exam period which was really helpful, with the teachers always encouraging me, along with suggestions on how to improve further. During the IA and EE period, I received really helpful advice prior to deciding my topics and guided me thoroughly.

Q. How would you describe the student life and student leadership opportunities in SISHK?

I would describe student life as a fulfilling, filled with everlasting memories and experiences, along with going through tough times and hardship with friends and schoolmates. Student leadership opportunities are readily available, with many councils and communities, eager to build students leadership qualities and abilities, promoting teamwork.

Q. Can you share more about your university admissions experience?
I’m really grateful towards the University Counselling team, Mr. DelVecchio and Ms. Liu guided me through the options I had regarding location, course and if it was obtainable regarding my grades. In addition, they provided me with support and advice with my personal essays along with clarifying concerns and doubts. To conclude, my university admission experience went smoothly with the support of the counsellor team, without them I would have troubles clarifying doubts quickly and efficiently.

Q. What is the one thing that you will miss after leaving SISHK?
I’ll definitely miss the immediate support from teachers and the counsellors that I have taken for granted here at SISHK, and the memories I’ve made with my friends throughout the years.

Q. What are you planning to study after IB?
I plan on studying international economics at The University of British Columbia.

Q. What is one part of the school that you would like to see preserved and not changed? I’d hope for the sense of community and team spirit within the different houses to remain the same, as it provides students with an outsource of community besides their classrooms and clubs.

Q. Any last words of advice for your juniors?
Be proactive to reach out to teachers, support staff or friends if you ever feel overwhelmed, it’s natural and it’s okay. Be sure to have a growth mindset, and always be willing to build on your mistakes and failures, there’s always room to grow and it’s best to start later than never. Try your best to not be last minute on deadlines, maybe setting your own personal deadline to buffer time for editing after premature feedback, I tended to try to complete task a week before the actual deadline to relieve myself from the pressure of handing it in last minute and the high anxiety on the submission date especially for IA’s and EE’s. I’d also suggest giving yourself some form of reward after completing a task or work, like treating yourself to your favourite meal or buying something you’ve eyed for a while, as it acts as a motivational push to complete the task. Try to always get at least 7-8 hours of sleep, it may seem impossible but if you set the goal to do so, you’ll eventually achieve it. Good luck!

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