Singapore International School (Hong Kong) congratulates our cohort on their performance for the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) in the 2018 session. Of the 68 students in the cohort, 57% of the cohort attained 7A or A* distinctions grade. Across the 17 subjects offered by these students, 69% of the grades are distinction grades (A and A*), of which 42% are A*. In addition, the cohort had 5 achieved at 10 distinctions while another 5 received 9 A*s. 20 students obtained 8 distinctions.

66 students from Secondary 3 cohort also sat for the IGCSE Mathematics. The entire cohort achieved at least a B grade, 16% received A and 76% obtained an A*.

The cohort was also enrolled for the International Certificate of Education (ICE), which recognises the achievements of students who qualify and have performed well across different disciplines, i.e. Languages, Humanities and Social Science, Sciences, Mathematics, and Creative, Technical and Vocational subjects. We are proud to share that 81% and 18% of the cohort obtained Distinction and Merit for the ICE Award respectively. 
Special congratulations to the following five students who achieved distinctions across 10 subjects:

  • Chloe Chan
  • Justine Chan
  • Hsu Shi En
  • Niu Muyao
  • Alex Yu

Also, well done these students for obtaining 9 distinctions:

  • Kristy Chan
  • Zoe Schlossmacher
  • Shi Jiayue
  • Melanie Wan
  • Joyce Zhu

We would like to commend Justine Chan for achieving 10 A*s as well as Kristy Chan and Alex Yu for scoring 9A*s.

We are very proud of our students for their efforts and hard work. We would like to thank our parents for their support in the holistic development of our students. Over three quarters of the cohort will be staying with the school to undertake the IBDP, we will continue to work hard with this cohort and other cohorts to achieve their potential in both the IGCSE and IBDP programmes.



本校学生在2018年英国国际普通中学教育文凭考试(IGCSE)中继续保持佳绩。68名考生中57%获得7科A或A*的优等成绩。在应考的17个科目中,有69%为A或A*级成绩,当中42%为A*级。此外,本年度本校共有5名考生考获 10科优等成绩,另外5名考生获得9 A*级;20名考生获8科优等成绩。

另外,有66名中三学生参与IGCSE数学考试, 全获得B等或以上成绩,当中16%获得A级;76%考获A*级成绩。

我们的学生也参加了剑桥国际教育证书 (ICE)计划,以表扬他们在语言、人文学科、科学、数学及创意、技术和职业五个范畴中的卓越表现。本年度本校有81%考生获得最高级别的优秀证书,18%取得良好证书。

我们特别祝贺以下五位同学考获10科优等成绩 :

  • 陈灏懿
  • 陈天诺
  • 徐士恩
  • 牛睦瑶
  • 余承俊

同时,恭喜以下五位同学考获9科优等成绩 :

  • 陈天颖
  • 史佳玥
  • 云钰淇
  • 朱玥宁