Highlights of the Arts Festival Week @ SISHK

The Arts Festival at SISHK will be running throughout the week of March 25-29 2019 taking place at the SIS primary campus. Below are some exciting highlights!

Street Photography Art Installation

Starting next Monday to Friday, in lieu of Arts Festival week, our photography CCA students will be featuring their Street Photography Art Installation in the P5 Art Gallery space. All P1-P6 students are welcome during lunch hours from 12.10 p.m. to 1.30 p.m.

Hong Kong Rope Skipping Club

On Tuesday and Thursday for all PY-P4 students, we have the Hong Kong Rope Skipping Club coming in to perform and conduct an interactive workshop with the students. The club’s professional performance team is called the ‘Rocket Stunt Crew’. The club has cooperated with over 100 institutions, including academic groups and community centers, to host rope skipping events. It is devoted to provide excellent rope skipping activities and to popularize the sport through holding promotion events, classes, workshops, lectures, forums, fun days and much more. The team even got to perform on Asia’s Got Talent 2017 (see here). In addition, they have been the designated performance team of the Cathay Pacific International Chinese New Year Night Parade for years. Last but not least, the team won the Online Pop Award of CCTV program ‘I want to be in Spring Festival Gala’.

LEDance Production

On Wednesday, we have LEDance crew performing for our P5 & P6 students. In addition, they are offering a workshop and demonstration for the students after their performance to educate students how it all works. You can preview their breathtaking performance here

LEDance Production was founded in 2015. Inspired by technology, creativity and dance, this Hong Kong based production house offers a mind-blowing combination of performance, choreography, technology, music and fun. They create a vivid experience with a visual display unlike anything you’ve ever seen. Glow-in-the-dark costumes, together with the music and choreography, create astonishing illusions in the dark.

SISHK Performing Arts

In addition to the above-mentioned performances, our very own SIS students from Chinese Orchestra, Chinese Drama, English Drama and Music classes will also perform. Afterwards, the students will have an opportunity to be engaged in some meaningful follow-up activities in their specialised classes.

Arts Festival 2019 @ SISHK is anticipated to be a very interactive and exciting one for sure!