The results of our Secondary 4 students (IGCSE Class of 2023) for the June 2023 Cambridge IGCSE series have been released on 16 August.

The Class of 2023 has showcased exceptional academic prowess, with 76.5% of grades achieved being distinction grades (A and A*). Of these, 47.1% were awarded the highest grade of A*. Furthermore, an impressive 58.3% of the entire cohort, comprising more than half of the candidates, attained an outstanding 8 distinctions or above across all subjects.

Of the 60 students in the cohort, 35 students obtained 8 distinctions and above. The breakdown of the number of students with 8 or more distinctions is as follows:

Number of distinctions (A and A*) Number of students
10 13
9 9
8 13

These exceptional results are a testament to the rigorous academic programmes and dedicated teaching staff at SISHK, who have nurtured and supported our students throughout their educational journey. The school’s unwavering commitment to providing a holistic educational experience has undoubtedly contributed to the outstanding achievements of our students.