It’s Enough Plastic for SISHK!

On 30 May, for No Single Use Plastic Awareness Day, SISHK is urging our students, staff, vendors, parents and partners to do the 3 “R”s:

  • Reduce the use of plastic
  • Recycle plastic containers
  • Refuse the use of plastic (eg plastic cutlery and plastic bags).

As a global institution, SISHK is committed to promoting environmental education among our students. We hope to work towards becoming an eco-friendly school where we explore ways to educate our children to be environmentally consciousness and live a sustainable lifestyle such as being aware of our resource consumption and reducing unnecessary wastage.

In the lead-up to No Single Use Plastic Awareness Day, students have been learning about the impact of plastic waste on this Earth we live in as well as all the ways we can tackle the plastic problem in Hong Kong.

As part of the school’s ongoing efforts to promote environmental sustainability, the Community Council in the Secondary Section worked with the student body to encourage the use of reusable water bottles in the school and to minimise the use of bottled water. They also worked with the school canteen operators, Maxim’s Caterers Ltd, to replace the takeaway plastic containers with bio-degradable materials.

SISHK is very grateful to Maxim’s for their support in minimising the use of plastic and are working towards

  • Swapping single use plastic cups to compostable cups made from corn
  • Replacing single serve sachets of sugar to free pour glass containers
  • Changing plastic cutlery for take-away food to a wooden or corn variety
  • Substituting take-away plastic soup bowls with paper bowls.

The No Single Use Plastic Awareness Day is part of the Enough Plastic campaign which aims to educate and reduce the use of single use plastic consumption. Enough Plastic is organised by The Hong Kong New Youth Energy Think Tank, a local charity fosters youth development in Hong Kong, along with not for profit organization EcoDrive. The campaign is supported by the Environment Bureau of HKSAR

We thank all in the SISHK community who join us in saying, “It’s Enough Plastic!”