Results from IGCSE June 2021 Session

We would like to congratulate our AY2021 Secondary Four (S4) students for their excellent results for the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE). This is the best performance in our school history in terms of quality passes and attainment.


A total of 63 S4 students sat for the examinations. Across all the subjects offered, 79.9% of the grades were distinction grades (A and A*), of which 57.5% were A*. Overall, 74.6% of the cohort attained 7 distinctions or above.


  • 6 students achieved 11 distinctions
  • 10 students achieved 10 distinctions
  • 15 students obtained 9 distinctions
  • 6 students obtained 8 distinctions
  • 10 students obtained 7 distinctions


We would like to express our heartfelt congratulations to the following 37 students (out of 63 students) who achieved 8 or more distinctions across the subjects.


Students with at least 10 distinctions

Li Zhenning
Cheng Yi Shien
Zheng Yiqin
Tang Yixuan
Lai Hong Lun
Yang Jiawei
Tse Ka Ming
Boey Jun Xin
Shie Man Tak Mindy
Wong Hong Ni
Wong Andrew Lok
Tan Youwen Emily
Tai Ethan
Wang Ruijia Megan
Zhang Zhigang Christopher
Chu Qiao-Xin Beatrix


Students with 9 distinctions

Li Yiju
Mak Ho Yan
Fu Yat Tsing
Yim Hei Yi
Deng Xiaoya
Low Wei Bin
Foong Zhi Kai
Cho Sum Wai
Loh Xin Yee Kristen
Tian Yinghan
Wang Tianyi
Tan Ian
Chan Shelby
Kooi Karisse Jia Xuan
Zhang Tiangyao


Students with 8 distinctions

Liu Ze Xian Victor
Zhao Xintong
Ta Rui-Xuan Nicholas
Burra Sreshta Paul
Tse Jat
Lee Wei Kit


“We are very proud of our students’ resilience despite the challenges that they had to face in the last two academic years which saw disruptions to in-person classes due to the pandemic. We would like to thank all our teachers who have taught them from PYP to Secondary Years for laying the strong foundation in their learning, as well as supporting their holistic development. We are also grateful to our support staff for their hard work and support in helping us achieve our educational goals.


We would like to thank all parents for their confidence and trust in us in SISHK. This has enabled us to bring out the best in your child and our students, as we strive to deliver a values-driven, holistic education while navigating the uncertainties brought about by the pandemic.
We are sure that with everyone’s contributions and support, our students will continue to strive for excellence and at the same time find joy in learning. May the success of our Class of 2021 inspire the success of other cohorts to come!”, says Mr Kelvin Tay, Principal of SISHK.