The results of our Secondary 4 students (IGCSE Class of 2022) for the June 2022 Cambridge IGCSE series have been released on 18 August.

We are heartened that the IGCSE Class of 2022 had the opportunity to sit for their IGCSE in spite of the pandemic and the challenging 5th wave in February to April 2022. It gives us great pleasure to share with you their excellent performance. This is the best performance in our school history in terms of quality passes and attainment.

Across all the subjects offered, 79.9% of the grades were distinction grades (A and A*), of which 59.0% were A*. Overall, 59.1% of the cohort (or more than half of the candidates), attained 8 distinctions or above.

Of the 66 students in the cohort, 39 students obtained 8 distinctions and above. The breakdown of the number of students with 8 or more distinctions is as follows:

Number of distinctions (A and A*) Number of students
11 8
10 16
9 5
8 10

Outstanding Performers

We are delighted to share that 39 students (out of 66 students) achieved 8 or more distinctions across the subjects. In particular, we would like to congratulate the following students for achieving 11 distinctions:

(The maximum number of IGCSE subjects a student can offer is 10 w.e.f. AY22/23 S4 cohort.)


In the two years of their IGCSE journey, these students had to navigate the challenges of home-based learning and school disruptions. Against this backdrop, we are especially proud of their resilience and devotion to give of their best by setting a high milestone for the School and their juniors. It is indeed “Success Inspires Success” in action.

We would like to thank all our teachers who have taught them from PYP to Secondary Years for laying the strong foundations in their learning, as well as supporting their holistic development. We are also grateful to our support staff for their hard work and support in helping us achieve our educational goals.

We would like to thank all parents for their confidence and trust in the School. This has enabled us to bring out the best in our students, as we strive to deliver a wholesome curriculum while navigating the uncertainties brought about by the pandemic.

We are sure that with everyone’s contributions and support, our children will continue to strive for excellence and at the same time find joy in learning. May the success of our Class of 2022 inspire the success of other cohorts to come!

Leo Zhou
Gavin Wong
Frank He
Lisa Tsoi
Jayce Li
Huang Jiarong
Sherrie Yuen